Louis Dupré

In Kortrijk overleed filosoof Louis Dupré. Bij wijze van in memoriam de slotzin uit zijn laatste boek The Quest of the Absolute: Birth and Decline of European Romanticism (2013).

‘How far should we pursue the possibilities that science and technology have opened up? Do we possess the moral maturity to control the awesome forces we have unleashed? Freedom and rationality appear to have outgrown our capacity to do so. The enormity both of our newly acquired powers and of our ignorance of how to master them has awakened an acute anxiety about the future. As the Romantics continue to remind us, this existential dread reopens the question of human boundaries and, with it, the question of what transcends them. Contemporary poets and artists, scientists and philosophers, caution that this question has become more urgent than ever for our self-understanding and, possibly, for our survival.’